Cyril Mottier

β€œIt’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” – John Wooden

New GreenDroid: AsyncImageView and Other Cool Stuff!

I’m proud to announce a new version of the GreenDroid library is now available on GitHub at the following page :

This release includes changes, fixes and additions. Here is a brief overview of what’s new:

  • [NEW] Add of a complete image loader system: AsyncImageView widget, ImageLoader, ImageCache, etc.
  • [FIXED] Class check issue in GDTabActivity
  • [NEW] GDListActivity does not force ActionBar to be of type Type.Normal ActionBar anymore
  • [NEW] Add of a new ActionBar.Type.Empty
    • In this mode, the ActionBar has no “Home” button
  • [NEW] addActionBarItem() methods now return the newly added ActionBarItem
  • [NEW] ActionBarItems can be “tagged”. This makes ActionBarItem click handling way easier
  • [NEW] Add of a removeItem(ActionBarItem) in the ActionBar widget
  • [NEW] Add of a new ActionBarDrawable class that helps the developer easily creating Drawable for ActionBars
    • The ActionBarDrawable takes a Drawable and automatically fill the shape with the white or black color depending on its current state. It allows you to decrease the size of your project. (GreenDroid’s size has also decreased thanks to this optimization)
  • [NEW] Add of a GDMapActivity
    • In order to use it you have to replace GreenDroid by the new GreenDroid-GoogleAPI library. GreenDroid-GoogleAPIs already integrates the GreenDroid library.
  • [NEW] Add of a new ActionBarActivity extra parameter: GD_ACTION_BAR_VISIBILITY
    • Enable ActionBar visibility changes from paramters passed via an Intent. This may be useful when using a reusable GDActivity inside a GDTabActivity.

I’ve also decided to publish the demo application - GDCatalog - on the Android Market ! Feel free to download it and test all GreenDroid features with just a click!