Cyril Mottier

β€œIt’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” – John Wooden

GreenDroid Ecosystem Evolution

I started developing GreenDroid a year and a half ago now and it has been a great pleasure to see people using it, modifying it, patching it … and more importantly … loving it! I have received a lot of emails from people all around the world and I would like to thank all of those GreenDroid addicts for their support. Knowing people are enjoying your work is probably the best reward a mobile software engineer can dream of.

GreenDroid is now widely used among Android developers but that doesn’t mean the library is error proof and/or perfect. If you take a look at the GitHub page, you’ll see there is a number of issues. Some of those are not actual bugs but rather questions. Some others are problems that still need to be fixed/patched. You can obviously help GreenDroid by submitting patch requests that will fix bugs, add some new resources, etc. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the development process is “excellence-driven” and consistent (make sure your commits are in accordance with the library’s philosophy).

Among the main issues, one is recurrent: the lack of documentation. I have been asked to create a web site where GreenDroid users could talk about how to use the library, what is the actual philosophy, the future of the library, some tips & tricks, etc. I’ve started working on it and here is the result at

The current version of the website is a skeleton featuring the GreenDroid documentation as well as a donation section. I have worked hard on providing a developer experience closed to the Android documentation. Obviously, I will improve/extend it in a near future to be more collaborative and informative: forums, general documentation, how to participate, etc. Meanwhile, I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy the documentation.

Note: I know the domain sucks … but I’ve found nothing else better. All greendroid.(com,info,net) are already reserved … Feel free to open it to me if you are the owner of one of those domains.

You’ll see I have done all I could to create an Android-style documentation. Happy coding with GreenDroid!