Cyril Mottier

β€œIt’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” – John Wooden

Android Presentations at Droidcon UK 2011

Some of you may know I was at Droidcon UK 2011. It is a two full days event where you can meet hundreds of Android lovers and attend amazing Android-related presentations (development, UI, UX, business, etc.). I spent two lovely days at Droidcon UK 2011 meeting amazing people. I would like to thank WIP and Skillmatters for the amazing event they cooked us!

Droidcon UK was also the occasion for me to give a talk entitled “Responsive, smooth & user-friendly UIs: GreenDroid primer”. The talk I prepared was at least one hour and a half long but I had only 40 minutes to give it … As a result I skipped some interesting parts. If you are interested in looking at the complete presentation or simply want to have a look at the slides, you can use one of the link below. You can also find a video of my talk on the Skillmatters website