Cyril Mottier

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” – John Wooden

Launch Screens: From a Tap to Your App

Last Friday, I was attending the mDevCamp conference in Prague, Czech Republic. I gave a talk entitled “Launch Screen: From a Tap to Your App” and spent a really wonderful time there. Here is the abstract about the talk:

The launch screen is a user’s first experience of your application and, hence, should be designed with great care. In this talk, we will deep dive into the concept of launch screen, discover how to measure, debug & optimise them efficiently, and learn more about how to implement them correctly. In other words, this talk is all about discussing for ±45 min about screens displayed less than 5 seconds.

As far as I know, the talk has been recorded but here are some resources you may find useful while waiting for the video:

I would like to complete this post by thanking all of the organizers, speakers & attendees from mDevCamp. I had a really great moment there.